St. Petersburg Complete Remodel

Posted by Mary-Lynn Bourgoing on February 13, 2023 in Bath Kitchen Latest Projects Window & Door

Finished and ready to shine! This St. Pete house started as a termite-torn and tattered home with floorboards and walls that were chewed and chomped. Without many renovations since being built in the mid-1950’s this home is now more than 90% new from the floors to the roof and everything in between. After retiring the chimney it was left and painted to draw guests and accent the entire living space. The walls were peeled like a banana(no correlation to its current color) and replaced with new studs one by one to restructure the support of the house to increase its longevity to still be standing when the historic St. Pete becomes Historic Historic St. Pete. Come with us and take a look at the full journey Home Sweet Home.

Day One
Brief Walkthrough